2015 TT Mustang

 LPF Twin turbo kit. Fuel system and billet crank/oil pump gear and a few accessories. T85 on 17.8psi. Made over 900 RWHP all on stock internals!

2006 C6 Corvette

Fully built  416 stroker high compression, made 600 whp.

2013 GT500

4.5 whipple supercharger, clutch and fuel system car made 836 whp.

2010 Camaro

Cam and head package, Kooks headers and E85.

2008 C6 Corvette

Fully built 427 LSX, WCCH ported heads, custom spec cam, YSI-V7 blower with billet wheel and maxed out pulley.

2008 C6 Corvette

Cam, converter and APS twin turbo kit

2005 C6 Corvette

454 LSX tall deck, YSI V-7 blower 

2010 CTS-V coupe

Stock bottom end, trans, differential, suspension, and exhaust. Heads and cam with full bolt ons. NO NITROUS. Car ran 10.0 at 142 mph. 

1972 C10

6.2L block, LS3 ported heads, Holley hi ram with gtx4202r custom turbo kit. 1100hp 4l80e with a 9" differential. 

2007 Corvette Z06

495 RHS Nitrous engine. Made 715 whp N/A and over 1000 whp & tq with 300 shot.

2013 dodge viper

Forged rods and pistons, mild head porting and a shot of nitrous! Car makes 866 whp 987 ft lbs torque

2010 Camaro

We went big with an F1X pro charger set up on this 416. This run was this cars first test pass after the pro charger. Car Ran 9.6s in the 1/4. 

2012 CTS-V Sedan

416 Stroker engine with Magnuson blower. Car made 850 / 888.

2012 CTS-V coupe

Another OSC V making 800+ with stock bottom end and stock auto trans! Car has full bolts on's, custom cam, heads and methanol. Makes 827 Whp and 803 torque. No Nitrous needed!